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Why countryside after lock down

One of the reasons that people choose to spend their holidays in the Countryside, is the freedom they get out of their daily routines, they have the chance to spend some days away from the crowds, and away from all that noise of the city. Countryside always is the perfect place if you want to relax and just lay back. Well now after the lockdown, you have one more reason to spend your holidays there. I’m sure is going to be a bit of a difficult transition until we are completely confident in going to overcrowded places for a drink, for food, and most importantly to spend the holidays. So being in the Countryside you won’t have to worry since most of the accommodations offer a more isolated space.

Spending your holidays in the village will give you the chance to experience in more depth the countryside, taking long walks and seeing things you didn’t had the chance to see before. The architecture there, is always fun to admire, seeing how people use to live 100 years ago and how most of the villages keep their traditional image. If you are an artistic person you will have the chance to take a lot of photos of the houses and the whole scenery which of course is something you don’t see every day. It’s important to appreciate that other places exist and see how different they are from what we have learnt.

There are so many hiking paths that you can take which not only you will get to inhale some fresh air, but also is great exercise, be one with the nature and leave behind for a second the technology, trust me you will feel much better and feeling at peace. Going on a hike also helps you to clear your mind, since your mind will mostly be on watching the next amazing tree, or trying to listen to the different sounds of the birds, your mind won’t have time to think all those stressful thoughts that you are thinking most of the day. So, walking in the nature will help you release all that stress of your everyday life. Will help you forget about your work for a second, leave behind all the negativity and just appreciate the nature, this will improve your life for sure.

Now if you are a cycling fun, and you carry your bike everywhere you go, you can cycle around the countryside breathe all the fresh air, do a unique exercise in the village and since there are a lot of hills there you will exercise so well you won’t do it again for at least a week or 2. Well if you really like cycling those hills won’t be anything for you now that I’m thinking this again, so try this as well you don’t have something to lose only to gain.

If you are used to taking the plane for holidays, trust me when I’m saying that going to the countryside will be such a great ride for you. Forget all the constant stress about the tickets, or that you must go to the airport at a specific time not to miss the flight, what if I have more kg than I am allowed? Forget all these, now you can have your holidays in your own terms. Leave from your house anytime you like, have as many bags as you like, bring as much food as you like and arrive at the destination any time you like, no one will say anything to you, what a relief right?

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